Exome and Transcriptome Sequencing Data

Chip Loading Density

Chip loading density

Exome Sequencing Read Length


Read length histogram

AmpliSeq Transcriptome Expression

Sample Correlation

Ampliseq RNA correlation plots

Amplicon Frequency

AmpliSeq Transcriptome Histogram

Annotation of Exomic Variants (simplified)

Chromosome chr1 chr1
Position 1269554 66058513
Reference T A
Alternate C G
Exonic outcome nonsynonymous SNV nonsynonymous SNV
AA Change TAS1R3:NM_152228:exon6:c.T2269C:p.C757R LEPR:NM_002303:exon6:c.A668G:p.Q223R
dbSNP ID rs307377 rs1137101
ESP 0.977375 0.490312
1000G 0.96 0.59
ExAC 0.97 0.54
MAF UBC 0.97293 0.50159
ClinVar NA SIG=non-pathogenic;RCV000009047.1
SIFT score 0.33 0.41
SIFT prediction T T
Polyphen2 score 0 0.828
Polyphen2 prediction B P
CADD-phred 0.001 13.22
GERP++ -0.839 3.66
Zygosity hom het
Quality score 447.38 303.3
Sequencing depth 96 175