Whole Exome Sequencing

Number of samples Exome sequencing DNA extraction Annotated variants Raw data files
1-19 $800 $100 $150 $250/set
20-49 $750 $80 $150 $250/set
50 + $700 $70 Included Included*

Includes DNA quantitation, library generation, sequencing (100x minimum depth average, 150-200 bases average sequence length), alignment, and variant calling (VCF files).

Human or Mouse Ampliseq Transcriptome

Number of samples Transcriptome sequencing Expression data
8-32 $350 Included
40-88 $325 Included
96 + $300 Included

Includes RNA quantitation, library generation, sequencing, alignment, and expression analysis.

Transcriptome Sequencing

Sequencing reads Minimum samples Transcriptome sequencing Expression analysis
10-20 million sets of 4 $425 $200/sample
15-30 million sets of 3 $500 $200/sample
25-40 million sets of 2 $650 $200/sample
60-80 million 1 $1,100 $200/sample

Includes RNA quantitation, mRNA selection/rRNA depletion, library generation, and sequencing. Expression analysis include alignment, fpkm gene and transcript counts, isoforms and chimeric junctions (STAR-bowtie2, Cufflinks). Raw data files are provided for $250/set.


Prices are per sample unless otherwise stated, and are subject to change without prior notice. These prices are applicable to academic and non-profit organizations only; for-profit organization may obtain a quote by request.
*One shipment on completion included, additional shipments on defined milestones can be requested for $250/set.